What Are the Advantages of the Xbox Live Gold Membership?

With an Xbox One console, gamers are able to play some of the amazing gaming titles available these days. After all, it is the most modern version of the gaming console. At the same time, this console can be used for entertainment purposes such as watching movies or TV shows. In short, the Xbox is an incredible piece of technology.

In order to help you make the most of an Xbox, Microsoft has been offering an Xbox Live membership. By becoming a member of Xbox Live, you will be able to enjoy a number of considerable advantages by making your Xbox capable of so much more. There are two levels to the membership, the regular one and the Gold membership. While the Xbox Live Gold membership is costlier, it offers more benefits to the members. Of course, there are always free Xbox Live Gold codes to help reduce the cost of maintaining such a service. Some of the benefits of this membership plan are given below.

Online Multiplayer

For many gamers, online multiplayer is the best way to experience any gaming title. In fact, most of the popular gaming titles available today offer online multiplayer capabilities. Online multiplayer adds to the experience of the game and in some gaming titles, the multiplayer mode is the only way to access some of their content. If you want to play multiplayer games on the Xbox, you will need to have a Live Gold membership. Without it, you will be unable to experience what is, without a doubt, one of the best features of most games and also of the Xbox console. You can also get free Xbox Live codes for your membership.

Entertainment Options

Another cool feature of the Xbox Live Gold membership is that you get access to a variety of entertainment options. Microsoft has entered into a partnership with a variety of audio-visual content providers to bring you some amazing programs. With a Gold membership, you will be able to access these programs. You will be able to watch sports programs online on your Xbox. Many television programs are also available. You can even watch movies through Hulu and Netflix. By getting free Xbox Live Gold codes you can make your Xbox more versatile.

Home Gold

Another amazing feature of the Xbox Live Gold membership is the Home Gold feature. With this feature, anybody in your family will be able to access and play games on the Xbox. There will be no need for each member of your family to get a separate Gold membership. As such, they can start playing multiplayer games and enjoy the other benefits provided through this membership plan.


With a membership, you can uplift your gaming experience significantly. You can access game demos for free. You can even get some gaming titles every few weeks completely for free. Alternatively, you will also be able to enjoy some excellent discounts on certain gaming titles. All you need to do is get free Xbox Live codes or a Gold membership.