Catch pokemon’s easily with the pokemon go tips

Craze for pokemon go can be seen everywhere around the world; this virtual game has take the world by as storm. From youngsters to adults to everybody who owns a smartphone can be seen playing the Pokemon go.  Pokemon go is taking the people to all the undiscovered paths, it has made the public blind; some cross the traffic while looking at their phone, while some reach to a complete stranger’s house in search of a pokemon. Even though it has not been officially launched in India but still people are playing it and going crazy over it by downloading the APK file; catching a pokemon is a the toughest so all the pokemon players new and old should follow a few pokemon go tips, which will surely help them to move forward in the game by catching a lot of new pokemon’s. But it is easy with the pokemon go hack android that you can get free pokecoins and pokeballs for the game.


Tips for the pokemon go players

  • Maximum number of pokemon’s can be found in open fields like parks or saltwater beach parks. Here you can get the ultimate pokemon go experience.
  • It is better to hunt in pairs while looking for a pokemon; it is fun to play as well as to wander in search of a pokemon.
  • Night time is any day better too search for pokemon’s in groups or pairs; during the day time because of the public and traffic it becomes all the more difficult to catch a pokemon.
  • Take help of your radar ring to find pokemon’s that are hidden behind the fence or in the bushes.
  • Most of the pokemon’s can be found in the leaves; wait near those trees till you find a pokemon.
  • Parking lots are pokemon’s favourite spot; if you hang around in the parking lot you will surely come across a large number of pokemon’s.
  • Turning off the AR is a better option you can turn it on once you find a pokemon near you; but it is better to switch it off this will also save your battery from draining.
  • It is better to tap and hold the poke ball to start the ring cycle so that you can toss the ball when you see the correct point.

Pokemon go is an interesting game which has made people addicted to it; you will actually feel that you are catching the pokemon in reality. By using the above mentioned pokemon go tips you can easily catch a large number of pokemon’s.